Total Body ReSet
Total Body ReSet


Total Body ReSet

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A Regimen of ReSet

The Total Body ReSet® bundle is a stress-free, time-saving program of dietary supplements developed by Carolyn Dean MD ND.

Instead of a cupboard full of vitamins, minerals, and supplements that don't work, fad diets, or more words, the Total Body ReSet® bundle will help you maintain your health in powerful and wonderful ways!*

What drives the ReSet Formulas and makes them so nourishing is an intended synergism, where each formula interfaces and interlaces with all the others.* Our commitment is to keep the number of products you buy and take to a workable minimum while maximizing this synergism.*

This bundle includes:

  • ReMag® Liquid Magnesium 8.1oz/240ml
  • ReMyte® Mineral Solution 8.1oz/240ml
  • ReAline® 60ct or 120ct
  • ReStructure® Protein Powder 594g
  • RnA ReSet Drops® 1.5oz/44.4ml

Total Nutrition for the Body

The physical/chemical/mental body wants protein, carbohydrates, fats, minerals, and vitamins. Let me show you how the ReSet Formulas link with each other to give your body almost everything it requires to get healthy and stay healthy:*

Protein: ReStructure®: Whey, Pea, Rice Powders

Carbohydrates: ReStructure®: Tapioca, Pea, Rice Powders

Fats: ReStructure®: Flaxseed, Marine Algae Oil, Whey Fats

Minerals: ReStructure®: Dozens of vitamins and minerals in trace amounts in the various ingredients of this protein powder; ReMag®: Magnesium; ReMyte®: Boron, Calcium, Chromium, Copper, Iodine, Magnesium, Manganese, Molybdenum, Potassium, Selenium, Sodium, Zinc

Vitamins: ReStructure®: Vitamin C Complex (acerola berries), dozens of vitamins in trace amounts. ReAline®: Methylated B Vitamins.

Probiotics and Prebiotics: ReStructure®: Tapioca, Inulin;RnA ReSet Drops®

ReMag® Liquid Magnesium

Product Size: 8.1oz/240ml

ReMag® liquid magnesium was developed to deliver pure, stabilized magnesium ions similar in size to the magnesium available from plants. This mineral supplement avoids the impurities, binders, and unnecessary ingredients that other magnesium supplements have to provide you a 99.98% pure formulation. And ReMag®'s direct and complete absorption at the cellular-level means no laxative effects like other magnesium supplements.*

ReMyte® Mineral Solution

Product Size: 8.1oz/240ml

ReMyte® mineral solution is a liquid electrolyte concentrate offering the stabilized ions of 12 different minerals in perfect balance.* Harness the power of this mineral solution featuring nutrients that work together to maximize their performance.* Go beyond what other electrolyte products can provide while protecting yourself from daily electrolyte losses.* Perform at your best with the precise combination of minerals in ReMyte®.*

ReAline® Vitamin B Complex

Product Size: 60ct/120ct

ReAline®'s whole vitamin B complex combines 4 Methylated B's and 4 food-based B Vitamins for complete health and absorption. This Completement Formula is the easy way to help your body maintain a higher physical and mental energy by supplying the nutrients it needs for ATP conversion and your body's baseline energy levels. Benefit from the addition of L-Methionine and Taurine to continue protecting your body while improving your outlook*.

ReStructure® Protein Powder

Product Size: 594g

ReStructure® protein powder combines food-based protein with amino acids to enhance your muscle building and maintenance program. This collection of Completement Formula perfect combination of protein, fiber, carbohydrates, and fat helps you feel full longer while making sure protein buildup doesn't occur in the gut. Get better results with a protein formula that your body can actually use.*

RnA ReSet Drops®

Product Size: 1.5oz/44.4ml

RnA ReSet Drops® are a novel liquid barley supplement formulated to take advantage of the unique properties of its ancient grains, seeds, and plant flowers.