ReMag® 16.2oz + Vitamin C ReSet® Bundle


ReMag® 16.2oz + Vitamin C ReSet® Bundle

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Pairing For Taste

The oral route is the most convenient way to take your ReMag® liquid magnesium completement formula. But if you struggle with the taste, you may miss all the benefits from this powerful liquid mineral!

The ReMag® 16oz + Vitamin C ReSet® Bundle helps take away the strong taste of most minerals to make it easier to swallow your ReMag®, ReMyte®, or any of the other RnA ReSet pico-ionic formulas. Vitamin C ReSet®has helped many people adjust the flavor of minerals to their liking with a delicious berry flavor that is not too sour, not too sweet!

This bundle includes:

  • ReMag®Liquid Magnesium 16.2oz/470ml
  • Vitamin C ReSet® Powder 14.81oz/420g

ReMag® Liquid Magnesium

Product Size: 16.2oz/479ml

ReMag® liquid magnesium was developed to deliver pure, stabilized magnesium ions similar in size to the magnesium available from plants. This mineral supplement avoids the impurities, binders, and unnecessary ingredients that other magnesium supplements have to provide you a 99.98% pure formulation. And ReMag®'s direct and complete absorption at the cellular-level means no laxative effects like other magnesium supplements.*

Vitamin C ReSet® Powder

Product Size: 14.81oz/420g

Vitamin C ReSet® powder gives you 60 servings of a powerful vitamin C powder that provides your body essential antioxidant power in a berrylicious flavor that's easy to drink. This Completement Formula contains the most popular and highly absorbed form of vitamin C, ascorbic acid, and our proprietary vita berry blend which combines organic acerola, organic tart cherry, and whole fruit complex. Vitamin C ReSet® also provides over 407 mg of potassium from potassium sorbate as an electrolyte boost.