Pure Wellness is Dr. Jasmine's unique brand logo, inspired by her trips to Sicily swimming in the Mediterranean and after visiting the sweet little island of Formica.  She would attend healing retreats with her mentor Donald Epstein and on a trip in 2008 changed her business name from originally Inner Wisdom Wellness to Pure Wellness.  She realized wellness was about love and light that transcended all time, space and boundaries.

Her original vision for pure wellness international was to travel the world with her daughters and gather grandmother and family healing wisdom from around the world, sharing it with our families from around the globe.  This is still our mission, along with empowering and inspiring parent entrepreneurs and family owned businesses to work along with families to create a zero waste, pure fulfillment collaborative model.

If you have a brand or products you're inspired to create, a company, movement or mission that inspire you...please contact us and share your blessings and your favorites!  We'll be sharing our weekly favorite company and why we love it and have chosen to partner with them!

Thank you to our current brands:

Blue Bottle Love

Young Living


HTE International



Rebbl Drinks

R & R by Dr. Jasmine for Pure Wellness