Soul Balm


Soul Balm

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SOUL BALM flower essence blend by Dr. Chris Lipat, hand crafted by Essence Alchemy. For emotional integration and spiritual clearing. May be applied to Root and Heart Chakras. With water, alcohol, essences of field primrose, purple sage, pink yarrow, ti plant, and arroyo willow essences. For oral and topical use.

SOUL BALM flower essence blend contains Yarrow, a protective essence, for healthy emotional boundaries. The Ti plant essence clears negative influences, cords, entities, attachments and is helpful in cases of anxiety, panic, paranoia. Primrose, known for its ability to support integration of various energies of love, helps us see issues, limiting belief patterns and thought forms that need transformation. Purple sage allows us to extract wisdom from our life experience. The Tibetan endless knot on the label integrates these individual sacred flower patterns into a divinely complex whole that leads to increased wisdom, understanding of the interconnectedness of everything in the universe, and the compassion required to attain enlightenment.

*First in the set of six elixirs.


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