Grande FIR Pad Promotion

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Grande FIR Pad Promotion

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Grande FIR Pad

The SOQI Grande FIR Pad features FIR technology to provide warm, relaxing and rejuvenating thermotherapy. FIR works in harmony with your body to reduce tension.

Features & Benefits:

•  Innovative technology provides constant, even heat for maximum results.

•  Well made and durable.

•  Soft machine-washable cover for easy care.

•  Portable and easy to use

•  Designed to work on most areas of the body.

 Directions: One or two 30-60 minute sessions daily.

Warning: Persons who have pre-existing medical conditions or taking medication should consult with their doctor before use. 


Technical Parameters

Grande Fir Pad

Model No:HM-518D

AC Voltage:110V-120V

Export Power:310W


Size:23.43”(W) x 45.47”(L) / 595 x1155 mm 

Range of Temperature:68℉/20℃ ~ 131℉/55℃